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Matt Hasselbeck 1998 Draft Morning Choose

Matt Hasselbeck was born on September 25, 1975 in Westwood, Massachusetts. At 6-foot 4 inches and weighing 220 pounds, Hasselbeck may be the perfect size for a top notch NFL quarterback. To study additional info, please consider having a view at: mits reviews. He even offers among the minds in regards to quarterbacks, to accompany his size. If you combine both of these things it is easy to see why Hasselbeck is becoming among the top people in the category. But even though he is obtaining a high level of success right-now, things weren't always this simple for him. To get another perspective, please look at: click.

Following a prosperous career at Xaverian Brothers High School, Hasselbeck decided to simply take his game to Boston College. While at Boston College he'd a great career, but nothing that blew NFL scouts away. But all along Hasselbeck was working harder than in the past to get ready for that next stage.

In the 1998 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers picked Hasselbeck in the sixth round. Though 186 other people were opted for before him, Hasselbeck was just pleased to get to be able to compete in the NFL. If you desire to identify further about per your request, there are many resources you might consider pursuing.

In 2001 Hasselbeck got his major break when the Packers traded him to the Seattle Seahawks. During his time with the Seahawks he has established many individual records, and has also led the team right back to the top-of the NFC. In 2003, Hasselbeck turned the groups all-time highest ranked passer.

For his career Hasselbeck has accomplished 1,342 travels for almost 16,000 yards. That is along with 96 touchdowns, and only 57 interceptions. He is currently in the top for the best all time passer score in the NFL. Dig up new resources on the affiliated article - Click here: mits reviews.

Matt Hasselbeck has received a difficult road to NFL popularity, and given that he's there he's showing every one what they passed up on the way. It is safe to say that when Hasselbecks job is over as one of the top quarterbacks of his time that he'll be remembered..